3 Design Ideas for Blackout Roller Blinds

Blackout roller blinds bar unwanted light from streaming in through your window. This light may come from the sun or streetlamps. Or maybe you just want to snooze away, oblivious to whether it is daytime or nighttime. These blinds promote privacy. In hot weather, they can also act as a cost-cutting measure because they block out sunlight and leave your house cooler. Sometimes basic blackout roller blinds can look plain, but you can investigate design ideas, including the three below, to spice up your blinds.

Printed Blackout Roller Blinds

Because most generic blackout roller blinds are made out of the durable material PVC, they can accommodate prints. You can purchase pre-printed designs and colors.

Some companies also offer to print your favorite photo onto a roller blind. These products sometimes consists of a fabric that doesn't totally block out the light, so they technically aren't blackout blinds, but they do filter a portion of the light.

Perforated Blackout Roller Blinds

In this option, small holes are cut out of your blackout roller blinds to create the design of a building or a city. Once the blinds roll down, light sources outside your room at night will then penetrate these holes to give you the impression of this building or city at night. You can find views of Tokyo, Paris and many other locations. However, the effect of these blinds is limited to the amount of light that penetrates your room at night. You may find these perforated blinds unsuitable for offices and children’s rooms.

Accessorized Blackout Roller Blinds  

Blackout roller blinds do not have to be plain. No matter your choice of blinds, you can accessorize with tassels, ring pulls and scalloped finishes to add uniqueness to your simple blinds.

Before you make any purchases, consider convenience and durability. In addition, not all installed blinds can effectively block out the light; this feature depends on the texture and the weight of the blackout roller blinds you have chosen.