3 Different Designs for Custom Sub Boxes

Not only are you able to buy subwoofer boxes for your music needs, but you are also able to make custom sub boxes on your own. This can be a quick and simple solution to getting the boxes you need for your system. This can be an inexpensive alternative, and the supplies can easily be found at a nearby hardware store.

Carpeted Enclosed Sub Box

With a carpeted enclosed sub box, you receive more of a muffled sound to the bass when you play your music because of the carpeting around the box. This also allows the box to have less damage when driving since the carpet creates padding around the subs ensuring that nothing will happen to them when you go through corners, or stop abruptly. These boxes are rather quick to put together because you just have to size them with the area and subs you are using, put the box together, and then place the carpet around the box. This allows you to quickly put it together with the accomplishment of knowing you did it yourself.

Fiber Glass Subwoofer Box

With a fiberglass sub woofer box, you get more style because the fiberglass colors can be matched to your vehicle. This can be good for anyone that shows off their vehicle. You are able to exhibit the sub boxes that were custom made by you specifically for your vehicle. These take a little more time to make since you have to cut the fiberglass pieces to the way you want them after fitting the subs, and where you would like to put the sub box. Then you have to put the parts together, and paint it the color you would like it to be. Most of the time it will match the color of your vehicle. These may take a bit longer, but also allow you to have the volume you are looking for without sacrificing the quality of the sound being put out.

Sealed or Vented Enclosures

No matter which you choose, you need to determine the maximum output you want. If you like louder music then a vented enclosure would be the best to make. For better quality but less volume, a sealed enclosure would work best with your subs. These can be the most inexpensive to make since they are simple wooden boxes that will fit the size of your subs. These boxes do not need much more done to them besides the fitting in the area you are going to put them, the subs put in them, and to be nailed together. You may also want to put hinges on the side for easy-to-open tops. This also allows you to place and remove your subs when you feel it’s necessary to do so.