3 Different Styles Of Stucco Lath Explained

The primary job for a stucco lath is to provide a way for the stucco to bond with the surface of the structure is being applied to. There are generally three different types of stucco lathes to be used in applying stucco.

1. Wire Mesh Lath
This type of stucco lath is generally used over building paper that is applied over a wood sheathing. It is made of 16 gauge wire and in a mesh pattern. It is installed with galvanized roofing nails and can be bent around building corners easily.

2. Metal Stucco Lath

A metal stucco lath is most generally used in soffits or on walls supported by metal studs. There are two types of metal lath. There are those with ribs and those that do not have ribs. Installation is with galvanized nails.

3. Fiberglass Stucco Lath
This is a newer type of stucco lath that is made of fiberglass mesh and comes in rolls. It is very pliable, almost like fabric. It can be applied with staples, or nails and is easily workable with a utility knife or scissors.

Each type of lathe creates a bond between the stucco and he building it is being applied to through a mechanical bond. This is created through the mesh in the stucco lath itself.