3 Different Types of Edger Blades

A few specialized varieties of edger blades are available for lawn edgers, to meet different purposes. Learn more below about the 3 main types of edger blades you can use in your lawn edger.

What are Lawn Edger Blades Made Of?

Lawn edger blades are made of carbon steel that is tempered and blackened to resist corrosion. They should be brushed to clean them after every use and washed with a power washer a few times per season.

1. Flat Rectangular Blades

These blades with a sharp cutting edge on opposite corners, are the simplest to use. They work well when edging a lawn that is flush and level with an unpaved driveway. However, it is best to use these on a gas-powered or electric edger, as it can be difficult to rotate them manually through thick soil.

Other Uses for Flat Blades

Use the blade height adjustment feature on your lawn edger to raise or lower the blade to cut different types of grass or grains along the edge of your lawn. This adjustment also makes it easier to trim through fine, narrow-bladed grass or thick, broad-bladed grass types.

2. Flat Blades with Scoop-Cut Ends

These blades are highly suitable for edging a lawn next to a flowerbed that may have mulch or other soil covers. The scooped ends of the blade dig through the ground cover, making a clean and well-defined edge between the grass and the flower bed. They are most helpful for keeping your grass out of the flowerbed so it will not spread into the mulch.

Other Uses for Scoop-Cut Flat Blades

If your driveway is paved with bricks or paving stones, and weeds or grass have begun to sprout between them, use the lawn edger on its slowest speed between the pavers to dig out the grass. Refill the spaces you have dug with a silicon paver fill to discourage future weed or grass growth between your pavers.

3. Star-Shaped Blades

These lawn edger blades are ideal for edging lawns that are next to a retaining wall or other solid barrier. Star-shaped lawn edger blades can have up to 8 points. They are also helpful for keeping hedges and shrubbery under control near paved or flagstone surfaces. You can also adjust the cutting angle on your edger to dig a drainage channel around your raised flower bed with a star-shaped blade.

Other Uses for Star-Shaped Blades

Another use for the lawn edger with the star-shaped blade is as a lawn aerator. You can run it around all over your lawn in the spring to make aeration holes, prior to spreading fresh grass seed or fertilizer on your lawn. Set the blade height to make shallow or deep holes in your lawn depending on the depth you want for seed sprouting or fertilizer penetration.

Maintain Your Edger Blades

Clean off your edger blades carefully with a power washer and wipe the blades dry with a chamois drying cloth. Coat the blades with a light oil every few uses. Have the blades professionally sharpened or replace them every 3 years. Remove the edger blades when storing your edger for the winter.