3 Different Types of Fireplace Enclosures Explained

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Fireplace enclosures provide a myriad of benefits for the general use of your fireplace. Aside from the very obvious fact that you will be beautifying your fireplace, the usual focal point of the room, you will also be maximizing the efficiency of your heating system. For one, you will be able to retain the heat inside of your room and minimize the amount of heat escaping your house through the chimney.

Also, the heating is bound to be uniform, allowing the same amount of heat to circulate through the ceiling and floors. Due to the considerable increase in heating efficiency, you will be able to significantly lessen your fireplace’s consumption of wood. Finally, you will be able to reduce the time you’ll be devoting to cleaning because the enclosure will keep soot and smoke inside the fireplace.

1. Glass Fireplace Enclosures

fireplace with decor and striped wallpaper

Perhaps the most popular kind of fireplace enclosure, glass fireplace enclosures are chosen by more homeowners above all the other kinds of enclosures in the market. Not only do they aesthetically enhance your fireplace, but they also provide the added benefit of being easy to clean. Almost any kind of grime and dust is easily removed from glass surfaces with the use of a simple damp cloth. The only downside to a glass fireplace enclosure is its fragility which is lent to it due to the material being used. Other than that, everything will work perfectly with your glass fireplace enclosure.

In choosing your glass fireplace enclosure, you will have to be very specific with the kind of glass that you want to work with. You can choose to have a bronze glass that will give your room that warm glow every time you make a fire. On the other hand, you may also choose to have a clear glass that will allow you to see the fires clearly.

2. Metal Fireplace Enclosures

Metal fireplace enclosures allow you to decorate your fireplace according to how you see fit. This is because metal is a very easy medium to work with. One can create numerous designs out of this pliable material. Other than that, metal can be painted in so many colors allowing you to decorate your fireplace in a way that will allow for it to fit in with the overall look of your room. You can even have a monogrammed iron-wrought fireplace enclosure that will give your fireplace a surprising air of formality.

Other than the endless possibilities of designs, another advantage of fireplace enclosures is the rustic charm that it can lend to your home. Metal allows for your house to espouse that old country glamour that the more modern glass cannot mimic.

3. Festive Fireplace Enclosures

holiday decorations around a fireplace

Festive fireplace enclosures will allow you to decorate your fireplace according to the season. Usually, they come as rotating fireplace enclosures. Flip the enclosure to reveal a Christmas inspired enclosure and then flip it back again for a springtime look once the yuletide season is over.