3 Doll Display Case Design Ideas

You can use a doll display case to show off your collection while protecting them from dust and other harmful contact. Display cases are made from many types of material, and the type you choose will depend on your taste. Before you shop, consider the kinds of dolls that you have, their sizes and how many you have. Below are some of the suggestions that will make for a perfect doll display case design.

The Contemporary Doll Display Case

The contemporary doll display case is similar to other cases of other collectibles you see in houses or presentations. These are usually made of all glass material held together by wood or steel seams that run along the corners of the case. They might have metal or wooden feet.

Contemporary cabinets showcase the dolls in 360 degrees, showing details from every angle. Unless you create this type of case yourself, each divider is generally made the same width and height. If you have different sizes of dolls, this means you may have to arrange them in a way that some are hunched or bent.

For small-sized dolls and larger ones, you can acquire a tall display case made of glass with thick seams, dark maple color and lion-claw shaped feet to make a stylish display. On the other hand, if you have medium-sized dolls to display, you can find a display case made of glass with seams thin gold color and gold, sleek feet.

The Individual Doll Display Case

Individual doll display cases are usually made of glass cubes with plastic, wood or mirror bases. These boxes are made to display one to two dolls in each of the boxes. These cases are very useful, especially if you have already have a shelf for displaying your dolls. You can always create a formation for the dolls you want to display to make a unique and personal display style.

The Traditional Doll Display Case

These traditional doll display cases are usually made of glass fronts and its back is solid. It has shelves which can interchange. The structure of the side and the shelves of this cabinet can be made out of glass or solid materials. This cabinet may consist purely of shelves or sometimes it could have drawers situated at the bottom part where you can store other things. The solid parts of this cabinet are usually made out of wood. These materials are perfect for the dolls you are going to display in order to protect the dolls and their costumes from molds and moist.