3 Easy Projects for a Metal Working Lathe

A metal working lathe is a great addition for anyone who likes to build their own tools, dies, and replacement parts. Working on a metal lathe does take a little getting use to as it is much different than the usual wood working lathe. There are many different mills, heads, and tools that can be dialed to exact specifications. While this does take some getting use to, it also opens up a large array of projects. Here are a few you can try to get started with.

Ball Peen Hammer

This is a common beginner type of project for a metal working lathe. Many students start with this to get use to the turning and milling.

Tap Handle

A common tool that garages need is a tap and die set. Many beginners get started with more intricate work by building a tap handle with their lathe. This will require more detail as you work on the threads of the tap.

Spring Center

A spring center is a very useful tool that helps you start a hole in metal. It is mounted on a drill press or a lathe tail stock. Making it is very easy, especially for a first time user of a metal working lathe. This projects helps you with the turning, milling, and cutting slots at precise measurements.