3 Easy Ways To Shave Rigid Foam Insulation

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You can easily install and remove rigid foam insulation yourself without the help of an expensive professional. This type of insulation is usually applied to the external walls of residential structures and also on the inside walls of basements. Since it is applied using a special construction adhesive in thick blocks and layers, it is important to learn how to remove it correctly and safely.

Over time, rigid foam insulation usually wears off, or shaves and peels itself. Once the installed foam cures and dries out, it slowly begins to peel away in strips. If one is in a hurry to shave off some foam insulation, any of the methods contained in this article will do the trick. Using the 3 easy ways to shave off rigid foam insulation contained within this article any layman will be able to undertake a do-it-yourself rigid foam removal.

1. Remove the Rigid Foam Insulation Using a Razor Knife

Razor knives are the most popular tools for removing rigid foam insulation from the walls as they make it incredibly easy to cut off strips and pieces of foam insulation bit by bit. Razor knives can be used to cut off sheets of rigid foam insulation that are up to one inch thick in depth. It is usually advisable to mark squares out on the insulation and work from one to the other to avoid any accidents or uneven removal. In places where the foam is the thicker one usually has to cut out the foam layer by layer.

2. Remove the Rigid Foam Insulation Using a Circular Saw or a Handsaw

Saws are useful in removing rigid foam insulation that has been applied in thick layers. A razor knife cannot penetrate very deep and hence it is more efficient to use a saw for the same. While cutting the foam insulation and shaving it off using a saw the important thing to remember is to cut in a sideways motion and not at a straight angle of 90 degrees as the latter will damage the walls underneath the foam. Before using the saw it is imperative to check that there are no pipes or electric wires installed beneath the surface of the rigid foam insulation.

3. Remove the Rigid Foam Insulation Using Chemical Solutions

Chemical solutions can also be used for easily removing rigid foam insulation installed in the house. By chemical solutions, one refers to products that can be found easily around the house such as lacquer thinner and nail polish remover or acetone. Acetone is extremely useful in peeling off the rigid foam that has not yet cured. Lacquer thinner is also an efficient way to remove the rigid foam. It is better suited for foam that has dried out.