3 Essential Items for Your Ice Fishing Shanty

If you're planning on taking up ice fishing, you will need an ice fishing shanty. A shanty, or ice house, is actually where you'll do most of your fishing since it would be impossible to sit exposed on the ice for too long. Don't forget to outfit your ice house with these essential items for the best ice fishing experience. 


Don't worry about this compromising the ice. Your ice fishing shanty needs some kind of heat source so that you'll be able to stay there for a long period of time. You can find specialty heaters at most fishing and camping stores. 

Ice Auger

An auger is a metal tool that spins to make holes in the ice, and if you don't have an auger, there will be no way to fish. Do not make the mistake of piercing the ice with another tool, such as an axe or pick, as this could crack the ice. 


You'll need a comfortable place to sit in your ice fishing shanty. Some old-timers may still sit on overturned plastic buckets, but that method could put extra strain on your back. Look into special ice fishing seats that also double as storage lockers.