3 Essentials for a Cool and Comfy Window Seat

Consider yourself lucky if you are one of the few people that have a window seat in their home. Window seats are beautiful architectural features, and when they’re utilized properly, they can add immense style, comfort, and value to your home. There are many factors that can make your window seat cool and comfortable, and there are many options when making a window seat blend nicely into your home.


If you are building your window seat from the base up, you’ll want to consider the style of the wooden base and make sure that it fits into your home. Consider adding open storage cubbies beneath your seat, or adding cabinet doors for extra space.

If the window seat is in your kitchen, this storage can be useful for little-used appliances, dishes, pots, and pans, or even dry food or cans. If the window seat is in a living area, consider using this storage for blankets, shoes, games, or electronics that aren’t frequently used. Storage adds to your room’s style by hiding away your less attractive belongings.

Also consider the appropriate height for your window seat. For example, if it will be used as part of a banquet in your kitchen, it should be high enough that you’re able to sit at your kitchen table. In a living space, the height of your bench should be proportionate to that of your couches and other seating.


A window seat instantly becomes useless if it is uncomfortable. Window seats can be among the most comfortable seating options with the help of cushions and pillows. Consider wrapping the bench of your seat with a sheet of batting, and stapling fabric over the top.

If your window seat has a back, you can staple the same fabric, or a coordinating fabric. Also look for sheets of thick foam to glue to the top of your bench for comfort- just be sure to factor in the foam’s height when planning for the total height of your seat.

If your window seat does not have room for a backrest- because of the window perhaps- invest in plump, soft pillows to line the back wall and sides of the bench. A window seat will not be comfortable if there is nowhere to rest your back.


Choosing fabrics for your seat and cushions can be a daunting task. Take clues from other places in your room. If the window behind your window seat is draped with curtains, you can coordinate the bench fabric with the curtain fabric, and adding a pop of color or pattern in your pillows and cushions.

If you are indecisive, or like to change with the seasons, try this tip. Keep the fabric covering your window seat neutral, and collect many pillows in different colors. You can completely change the look of your window seat at a moment’s notice by switching out the pillows.

Be sure to choose a fabric for your seat according to the room it is in. If your bench is in a kitchen, choose a darker fabric that is easily cleaned. In a living room, try a more comfortable fabric that, again, is washable. If your house gets a lot of traffic, consider making slipcovers for your window seat that can be removed and washed.