3 Garage Ceiling Shelf Ideas

Wall of garage items on floor and shelving
  • 1-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-200

Many homeowners install a garage ceiling shelf to maximize storage space in a part of the home that may not otherwise be used in the most efficient way. Rather than stacking boxes and other items in your garage or on the floor, ceiling shelves are easy to install and feature additional storage space that keeps the ground free and clear. There are a number of ways to install shelves in your garage, and several innovative ideas and inventions that have made ceiling storage a convenient and attractive alternative to standard shelving.

1. Pulley Systems

Ceiling shelves can be difficult to reach, which may inhibit people from installing them. If you find that you have to reach for a stepladder every time you need to access something from a shelf in the garage, consider purchasing a shelving system with a built in pulley. A number of shelf design companies have products that operate on a rope pulley system. By manipulating the pulley, you can lower the shelving unit to a comfortable height, adjust the items on the shelf as you desire, and then raise it once again to keep it out of the way.

Along with the adjustable shelf system, some brands of ceiling shelf have attached lifters that operate on a similar pulley mechanism. These allow you to avoid the hassle of carrying a heavy load of items for shelving up a ladder. Some shelving units even have both the lifting system and the adjustable shelf pulley system in place automatically.

2. Adjust Your Shelf Configuration

If you plan on keeping a variety of different items on your garage ceiling shelves, a pre-built and inflexible shelf design may not be the best for your needs. This type of shelving doesn't allow for a great deal of variety in the items that you store on the shelf. Instead, select a customizable shelving unit. Many ceiling shelf systems provide a basic frame you install primarily along with different types of shelves that can be rearranged as your needs dictate. These shelving units are also helpful at reducing the weight stress put on your garage ceiling; if you don't have anything to store for the moment, remove the shelving itself in order to take some of the tension off.

3. Installation Location

By installing a ceiling shelving unit in a corner and away from the garage door, you ensure it will receive the most support possible, making it less likely to break and drop. Avoiding the garage door is crucial, as the garage door can break or knock the shelving unit off of its casing if the shelves are installed in a poor location.

Many different types of garage ceiling shelves are available online or at hardware and home improvement stores. If you have additional questions about how to best use a ceiling shelf to meet your storage needs, consult with a home improvement specialist.