3 Ideas for Bow Window Treatments

Bow window treatments have particular requirements. The graceful and elegant bow window would make your space look brighter, bigger and exquisite if the right treatment is provided. In other words, your bow window would be your home majestic attraction if you have chosen the right curtains, blinds and shutters. To manage this matter properly, you should consider a number of basic issues.

The style of your home decor is essential for the bow window treatments. It can be traditional, country, modern or eclectic. The architecture of the bow window is also important, as well as the texture and colors of the fabric used for the window covering. Considering ideas for window treatments, you should anticipate the location of the window. Usually, it is located on the ground floor and on the front side of the house or is oriented to the street. So, you have to keep in mind the sight from the outside.

Bow Window Treatment Ideas

You have 2 options to treat bow windows and both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. The first one is to choose separate window shade treatments. This technique provides all 4 windowpanes that form the elegant curve of the bow window with a drop-down shade of its own. Bearing in mind that the bow window is usually a show window (because of the location), choose window shades that ensure more privacy and attract more attention, as well. For instance, individual cafe curtains provide less privacy but look nice and stylish. However, remember that the window treatment should look nice and stylish from the outside and inside. So, the best solution is to choose a cloth roller shade with 2 different fabrics in terms of colors and design: one fitted to the outside of the house and the other to suit the inside.

The second option is to purchase a cloth roller shade that is custom-made and follows exactly the contour of the bow windows through a track. This sounds a bit complicated but there are a number of manufacturers that would be pleased to take your order. Yet, double track roller shades will provide your graceful bow windows with 2 different color and pattern designs. The major benefit of the roller shades is that they are more practical and convenient than an individual window blind because of their smooth and easy mechanism.

Other Stylish Ideas for Bow Window Treatments

If you wonder whether to choose shutters or draperies, bear in mind that shutters deliver a more fixed look than draperies. The latter are useful especially if the bow window has overwhelming seats. The draperies could be floor-length-size or cut-to-fit ones depending on the length of the window. With regard to issues such as light filtering and privacy, fabric shades provide a good alternative to draperies. As for privacy, the bow window can turn into a cozy sanctuary for reading or meditation if it is built over a window shelf or window seat. It is easy to do this: the hardware should not follow the curve of the bow window, place the hardware on the wall outside the contour and attach a curtain-rod across the open space.