3 Ideas for Landscaping around Trees

dirt circle around the base of a tree
  • 1-20 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-500

Landscaping around trees is a task best accomplished after researching a variety of ideas for beautifying the base of a tree. This article will identify and explain three of the most popular approaches to tree landscaping.

1. Populate the Soil Surrounding the Tree With Ferns

Ferns are beautiful perennial plants that are adapted to live in the environment created under a tall tree. Not only do ferns flourish in the presence of full or partial shade, but they also prosper in the characteristically dry soil at the base of a tree.

Furthermore, ferns thrive on the leaf litter that accompanies trees throughout the changing seasons. This leaf litter acts as a natural mulch and fertilizer that protects and feeds the root systems of ferns as well as the tree.

Choose a species of fern native to where you live; native species are better adapted to survive after being planted. Do not hesitate to plant more than one species of fern, biodiversity is both healthy and eye-catching.

2. Fill the Space Around the Tree With Spreading Groundcover

clover groundcover with a single white flower

You may choose to plant a few species of groundcover under your tree. There are countless varieties of groundcover suitable for the shady environment at the base of a tree. Whether you wish to have a blooming species or one with attractive foliage, there is a species of groundcover out there to suit your needs.

Sow seeds in the spring, or simply plant several ground cover seedlings in the area surrounding the trunk of your tree. Remember groundcover spreads throughout an area within a matter of years. Therefore, refrain from over planting by placing only a few seedlings in the dirt and adding more after observing the growth rate of the preexisting plants.

3. Transform the Space Around the Tree Into an Annual Flower Garden

There are countless varieties of annual flowers adapted to growing in the environment that exists at the base of an established tree. These annuals need to be shade and drought tolerant unless you plan on supplementing the plants with water during the hot summer months.

Utilizing the space around your tree as an annual garden will allow you to experiment with various plant species by sowing different species of flowers each year. Since annuals live for only one year, you can redecorate your landscape each year.

This method of tree landscaping is much more care intensive, but it is also the most rewarding. After several years of using the space as an annual garden, you will be able to determine which annual plants are the easiest to grow under your tree. Not to mention, you will be able to experience the growth cycle of a variety of beautiful plants; bringing you closer to the land and allowing you to gain an appreciation for plant life.