3 Ideas for Laundry Room Shelves

A good laundry room needs laundry room shelves. You can use them for detergent and fabric softener, but with some thought your laundry room shelves can be far more useful.

Idea 1: Wall Mount

If you use wall-mount shelves, make them wide enough to accommodate a clothes rod underneath. This will enable you to hang shirts. That can save plenty of ironing later and let the shirts dry the natural way. As a bonus the shelf will be wide enough to hold a great deal more. You can have this type of shelving along one wall and other laundry room shelves on another wall to give far more shelf space in the laundry room.

Idea 2: Metal Shelving

You could use metal shelving for your laundry room shelves. This type of shelving is free standing and easy to clean, as well as being cheap to buy and quick to assemble. You can keep folded clothes on the shelves and still have plenty of room left for the laundry items you need to keep close at hand.

Idea 3: Bookcase

An old bookcase can make good laundry room shelves. There’s nothing for you to buy and you simply need to move it into the laundry room; it’s an excellent form of recycling.