3 Landscape Curbing Ideas

When landscaping your yard, you might want to introduce landscape curbing into this process. Curbing your area means that lines are drawn and segments are partitioned and uniquely marked. On a more practical note, curbing is essential in preventing cars from driving onto your lawn, thus keeping that lawn area safe. Here are a few ideas on how best to accomplish landscape curbing.

1: Avoid Straight Lines

Straight lines only make your property look rigid. Opt for flowing and curved lines, instead, which bring beauty to the area.

2: Curbing Material Width Should Equal Road Width

If a road has a small width, make the curb equally small. But create a broader curb whenever the road is large.

3: Make Your Colors Match

Be sure your curbing color matches the overall color context of your property. You don’t want your curb color to distract from the other elements of your yard and house. Granted, you want your curbs to be attractive; but not so much so that they attract more attention than the garden itself. After all, your curb is the picture frame, not the actual picture.

With these helpful tips, you can artfully utilize landscape curbing ideas to make your property even more attractive.