3 Metal Carport Considerations

There is a lot to consider when choosing a metal carport. Not only the type of metal such as a steel carport but also the carport building itself. What it will be used for and what will last longer. There are metal carports constructed out of steel, aluminum and alumawood. All of which have different characteristics and visual appeal.

Alumawood Structures

Alumawood is an aluminum product that is made to look like wood. It is newer to the aluminum family and it has all of the characteristics of aluminum however can fit better into some architectures than some other metal structures. It is available in a multitude of colors and can be painted to match an existing structure if needed however this would potentially void any paint warranty on the product. This structure is just as sturdy as other metal buildings. The alumawood kits usually come with a ten year paint warranty and a limited lifetime warranty on the structure. You can use these kits as carports or awnings. The kits are also available to make freestanding or attached to a structure.

Steel Structures

Steel is a popular material in carport construction. Many do it yourself carport kits are made with steel and allow for versatile sizes and colors on your design. Steel poles are very sturdy and can hold up in inclement weather as well. Some steel does tend to rust though so making sure it is well coated with paint or protectant would be a good idea. Steel carport structures are very sturdy if set up correctly and are very popular in commercial areas for extra storage. Most steel carport kits maintain a 20 year warranty.


Aluminum carports are one of the more popular types of metal carports being built. The material is light in weight but can hold immense weight and is very sturdy. There are many different thicknesses of aluminum and the entire structure can be built from these varying cuts. If you choose to, aluminum is available in different baked on paint colors and a variety of sizes in do it yourself kits. The paint usually has a ten year warranty and the aluminum kits are available in light load to heavy snow load varieties. The structures usually have a lifetime warranty telling you that the product is good quality.

When you are considering a metal carport keep in mind that there are do it yourself kits available already cut and measured to take that task away from you. Companies also offer plans to build your own metal structure as well. This will save you in shipping costs however will require more labor on your part. These are three different types of metal carports and some information that can help you consider which one is best for your property. The industry is always figuring out ways that can improve existing design make it adaptable to most any customization. Choosing a metal carport design will help to ensure that your investment pays for itself year after year.