3 Most Easily Restored Muscle Project Cars

A project muscle car can be a lot of fun to work on. Most muscle cars end up being project cars as they are usually owned by people who love to work on them. It is also very hard to find an affordable muscle car that is already in perfect condition. Restoring one yourself can be a lot of fun and rewarding. It can be a challenge to have to do this yourself. There are a few different types of muscle cars that you will be able to restore quite easily. All you will need is a basic knowledge of how muscle cars work and know what it is that you want to do with them to properly restore them.


A Mustang is not technically a muscle car, but is as close as you can get to being one without actually being one. All Mustang parts are easy to find and are typically not very expensive. Mustangs are simple to work on, and since they are so popular there are hundreds of forums and clubs devoted to the restoration process. This makes it much easier when you have an entire community to turn to with questions. When you are doing restoration on a car, it is always good to have one that is as popular as the Mustang is. This is because there are several tricks and hints that you can learn along the way.

Chevy SS Nova

A Chevy SS Nova is what a lot of people think about whenever they think of muscle cars. You will find that they are sleek, stylish, hugely popular, and very affordable. The Nova isn't a hard to find car, and you can find them in an array of disarray. This makes the projects difficult level entirely up to you. They are made to be restored. This means that you will find that when it comes to obtaining the parts and actually installing them is very easy. Once a Nova has been restored, they are fun to drive and show off.


A GTO is an extremely fun car to work on, and is a true muscle car. They are beautiful and are a dream car for many restorers. You will find that these types of cars are a little more rare than other types of muscle cars. Once people get their hands on one of these, they don't easily let it go. While this does not make them anymore difficult when it comes to actually restoring it, finding the parts may be a bit more of a challenge. When you are working on a vehicle that is rare it can be difficult to obtain the parts and they can be a little bit more expensive. However, some find it well worth it when they have a completely restored GTO in their driveway.

Prepare Yourself

It is always a good idea for you to know what it is that you want to do with your muscle car. Know how much time and money you are willing to set aside as it could take quite a bit of both if you let it.