3 Most Popular Kinds of Clothesline Wire

Clothesline wire can come in many forms. When you are looking for a clothes line wire or cord the one thing you mainly need to make sure of is that it doesn’t stretch too much. A stretchy clothes line will cause serious sagging when you hang wet clothes from it and with the weight of the clothes you could find that longer items like jeans might end up dragging on the ground.

1 - Nylon

Nylon clothes lines are the most popular and the least expensive. You can buy them in various lengths and either double them over to create two lines or cut them and tie them off on each post. Nylon is durable, weather resistant and flexible, so using this for your clothesline will be a very suitable option.

2 - PVC Covered Wire

This is very similar to the wire that is used in hanging net or sheer curtains. It is thick spring wire, which has a PVC coating to prevent the wire from rusting and staining the clothes that hang from it.

3 - Vinyl Covered Wire

This is similar to PVC covered, but slightly less durable. Vinyl can dry out and crack after many years of use, but it is long lasting, so don’t expect it to crack after just a few weeks.