3 Most Popular Shades of CFL Bulbs

In an effort to bring back fluorescent lighting, manufacturers have produced CFL bulbs as technology continues to improve. These Compact Fluorescent Lighting bulbs are a big improvement over the previous type of fluorescent light bulbs as they give off a brighter light, do not flicker, and turn on instantly. Another great feature of CFL bulbs is that they come in several different shades and hues. Here are a few of the more popular shades of CFL bulbs.

Color to Match Mood

The new CFL bulbs are becoming increasingly popular not only because of the way that they are energy efficient, but because of the way their different "colors" can match your mood. There are different shades of the CFL bulbs that can range from bright, off white, to a calmer blue-ish color that matches your need.

1. Warm White

For many people, the warm white of the regular incandescent bulb is all they require for regular lighting of their room. The CFL bulbs have a shade for this.

2. Cool White

Then there are times when you need a brighter white for working in the kitchen, laundry room, craft area, and even workbench. This cool white shade is very popular among those who live in lofts, have a home workspace, and want to have soft, but bright light.

3. Natural Blue Shade

Leaning towards a more natural look, CFL bulbs take on a blue hue with these great bulbs that simulate sunlight or natural light. Great for reading, this blue shade has become very popular in houses across the country.