3 Mudroom Organization Tips

If your home's mudroom has become noticeably cluttered, it may interest you to learn that mudroom organization can be very simple. Below are the most effective tips for organizing your mudroom.

Shoe Racks

Many people, particularly children, tend to simply kick off their shoes upon entering a mudroom, leaving them where they lay. This not only creates clutter, but it can also give way to potential tripping hazards. In this instance, a shoe rack is an absolute must. These racks will provide a place for your family to store their shoes and ensure that footwear doesn't get left out, tripped over or lost.

Individual Storage Units

While wall mounted coat hooks can play an important role in mudroom organization, individual storage units, or "cubbies," can provide each member of your family with a place to put his or her shoes, boots, and coats. Most of these units feature a long central area in which coats and backpacks are hung, as well as a small shelf or drawer for footwear underneath. If you're a parent, individual storage units can provide you with the perfect way to tell which of your children have been diligently putting their things away.

Bench/Container Combos

If your shoe rack is fully occupied and you frequently entertain company, you may want to consider putting a bench/container combo unit in your mudroom. In addition to providing your family with a place to sit while putting on their shoes, these benches are fantastic tools for storing excess footwear.