3 Necessary Duct Cleaning Tools

Heating Vent Air Duct Getting Cleaned

As a homeowner, you will find that there are times when you will need to make sure that the ducts and ventilations shafts of your home are safe and free of dust bunnies and other potentially harmful and dangerous substances. Consequently, you will need to make sure that the ductwork is periodically cleaned; this is something that you can do by yourself. It’s also something that will require the right tools for the job. Here they are.

1. Ladder

If you choose to clean your ductwork yourself, choose a sturdy ladder that can provide access to all of your ducts. This might include a versatile ladder that you can used on stairs.

2. Vacuum

A vacuum is an essential tool when cleaning out ductwork. Professional use very high capacity suction to get the job done. Your best bet is to get a vacuum that you can rent at a hardware store. While household vacuums can aid in cleaning out vents, they don’t have the power needed to do a good job for the entire duct system.

3. Air Compressor

An air compressor will forcefully blow air throughout your ducts, clearing them of unwanted debris. If you do not own an air compressor, you can rent one suitable for the task.