3 Options for a Carpet Cutting Tool

A carpet cutting tool can be a hand held or automated tool designed specifically for one purpose only—cutting carpet. Below are 3 options for a carpet cutting tool.

Hand Held Tools

There are various hand held tools for cutting carpets such as razor blades, utility knives, small back cutters and straight edge blades. The hand held carpet cutting tools are ideal for cutting carpet in small areas like an entryway. The advantage of hand held cutting tools is its size—they can fit in small spots.

Automatic Carpet Cutting Tools

A seam cutter is an automatic carpet cutting tool used in seaming 2 large carpets together. The blades of the seam cutter are interchangeable for different cutting methods. The seam cutter is ideal for carpeting large rooms.

Special Carpet Cutting Tools

Aside from hand held and automatic carpet cutting tools there are also other specialty tools that are needed in cutting carpets, like the back cutter and the pile cutter. The back cutter is ideally used for installing grooved and rubberized carpets normally used in commercial buildings and garages. The pile cutter is a heavy tool that cuts carpets stacked together for a clean and fast cutting of carpets.