Three Orange Oil Tips for Termite Control

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Using orange oil for termite control is a great eco-friendly way to end your frustrating termite problem. Termites are not just an annoying pest - they actually cause billions of dollars of structural damage annually around the world. If your home is infested with termites, you need to take immediate action to stop the destruction of your property and regain your home from the legions of new inhabitants. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind if you choose to go the green route and use the all-natural orange oil as a solution to your problem.

What is Orange Oil?

Orange oil is extracted from orange rinds for a number of uses around the home. The active ingredient, D-limonene is low in toxicity and does not pose any threat to humans, making it an ideal solution for termite control. With the ability to produce 2000 eggs per day, it is imperative that you take quick action when you notice a termite problem, especially when using orange oil, to eradicate termites.

Step 1 - Be Vigilant

Orange oil is most effective in controlling termite populations when they are first starting out, not when they are in full production. If this is the preferred method for control that you will be using and you live in an area prone to termite infestation, it is important to regularly inspect your home for signs of termite infestation. Some initial signs of infestation are discolored and blistered paints, soft spots, moist patches on walls or doors, and springy floors. If you have any of these signs, be sure to inspect thoroughly and diligently for signs of termites.

Step 2 - Apply, Apply, Apply!

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Orange oil only provides localized killing of termites, meaning that it only kills termites in the area in which you apply it. It should be applied by drilling it into the wood that is infested with termites. The goal is to hit the termite gallery and kill a large group of termites at one time. You will need to drill several holes into the wood to reach a large population of termites and be effective in killing them. This is an effective method for drywood termites, however, if you have subterranean termites this method of extermination will not be effective. Before beginning an extermination effort with orange oil, determine what kind of termites you have in your home.

Step 3 - Make Your Home Uninviting to Termites

Because the orange oil control method is not as surefire as tenting your home and killing termites, it is important when using this method to be sure to take necessary measures to prevent making your home a hospitable location for termites to live. Do this by fixing any leaking faucets both inside and outside your house, removing heavy brush from around your home, and elevating any firewood off the ground. You should also seal any foundation cracks, keep your gutters clean and properly ventilate your home. By taking these steps, you can make your orange oil application more effective.