3 Original Home Window Tint Coloring Ideas

Although we are more used to window tinting as a feature to be used more in vehicles than in anything else, implementing a home window tint can be a simple, inexpensive way to help block sunlight from entering a house. In additional to drastically reducing power costs during the summer and helping your home maintain its temperature, window tinting can help to prevent your upholstery from fading, protect your privacy, and limit your exposure to harmful UV rays.

Although classic, neutral, gray or black tinted windows are almost always a tasteful and stylish choice, there are several other routes you could go when tinting your home's windows. If you're considering implementing a home window tint, but don't want to go with a neutral color, take a look at the following information.


Although many homeowners believe that window tints are all around the same density, most manufacturers offer them in several different densities. Lighter tints block less sunlight and UV rays and offer less insulation, but may be more desirable for some individuals. Darker tints will block much more light and UV rays, and will offer a much higher level of privacy.


Although window tints are most commonly neutral colors such as silver and gray, it is possible to tint your window in a large variety of colors. You could use a color such as yellow to warm up the rooms in your home, or use blue or green to give a subtle, serene feel to your rooms. Keep in mind both the appearance from outside and inside: you wouldn't put clashing curtains in a room, so why would you implement window tints that clash with your home's exterior appearance?


We are used to the idea of solid colored window tints. However, there are many commercially available tinted films that come in a wide array of patterns and images. You can find tinted films that are as simple as neutral colored strips, or ones that are as off-beat and fun as stars or flowers. While patterned window tints are not for everyone or every home, if you're looking to get creative with window tinting, a patterned tint that complements your decor could be the touch you need to complete your home.

Don't be afraid to think outside of the box and experiment. You don't have to tint every window in your home at once. If you use a patterned tinting film that ends up looking tacky and out of place, you can easily remove it and try something else. The most important thing is to end up with a tint that you enjoy. Keep in mind, though, the regulations regarding window tinting in your area. Some areas have laws against certain kinds of tinting, such as mirrored tinting or tints that are too dark. Because few individuals are aware of these regulations off of the top of their heads, it is important to be sure that the tint you wish to implement conforms to the law. Beyond that, don't be afraid to get creative.