3 Popular Chair Rail Molding Designs

Redecorating your home chair rail molding is a great way to add character and beauty to your design. There are many popular chair rail molding styles and designs available to fit all your needs.

Two-Toned Wall

A great design that has become increasingly popular is using a chair rail to split up the color on a wall. You can choose a style of chair rail that will complement the two-tones of paint in your room and place it approximately one-third up the height of the wall to separate your two color choices.

Paint Simple Styles

Plain simple styles of chair rail moldings are very easy to find. With a plain chair rail, you can infuse color into your space to meet just about any design idea you have. You can paint these chair rails to fit a Victorian theme, Art Deco style, or even use the natural wood finish to bring out rustic design.

Ornate Styles

Placing a thick ornate chair rail molding at eye level height can add a dramatic and surprising design element to your room. This can take the place of a typical wall paper border as a way to bring in detailing in an updated form.

The functionality of a chair rail, added to its design appeal, will give you enjoyment for years to come.