3 Popular Themes for Bathroom Remodels

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Bathroom remodels are often the first project a homeowner will do. Bathrooms are small spaces that provide a lot of use. Bathroom remodels are important because they can increase the value of the home. Among the greatest things about bathroom remodels is that they can take on many different themes and styles. The style can coincide with the home, or it can differ from the style of the home. The article that follows will provide several bathrooms remodels that will not cost much money or take much time.

Casually Elegant

This style is very clean and contemporary. It can make the bathroom a strong asset. This type of style appeals to a wide range of people. Start by painting the bathroom in neutral colors. You can add a deep burgundy or royal blue to one of the walls to make the room appear larger. Replace the countertop with a terrazzo counter to mimic the appearance of expensive marble. Beveled mirrored tile set against dark slate tiles will provide depth and warmth.

Changing fixtures can be costly, but if you decide to go that route, then choose sleek and dynamic stainless steel or brushed nickel fixtures. Other ideas include 2-tone fixtures and pedestal sinks. Purchase towels to match the accent color. Add small ceramics and pharmacist jars to complete the look.

Shabby Chic

Bathroom remodels that are shabby chic tend to come from the rest of the home, which is also shabby chic. The imperfect nature of the style is nostalgic and comfortable. Wooden cabinets painted white is an easy way to create a shabby chic style.

Fixtures should be traditional, with swift curves. Metallic hardware will set off the style. The color schemes for shabby chic bathroom remodels are calming. Periwinkle, sage green, and French blue are all possibilities. You can also decorate with the artwork.

Indoor Tropical

Think about a basic Floridian theme with colors that are warm and bright. Always accent these colors with something neutral, such as hunter green or soft blue. Change the floor tile to terra cotta or bamboo. Store towels in wicker baskets. Natural wood cabinets and a ceiling fan add a distinctive flair.

Choose simple fixtures, such as brass or chrome. Add glass tiles to reflect all of these colors. Install natural wood molding around the bottom and the top of the walls. You can also use wallpaper stripping with bamboo trees as a repeating pattern. If you have the space, include terra cotta or sandstone planters. Increase the lighting with LED light bulbs.