3 Project Ideas for Mexican Talavera Tiles

Here are three project ideas for Mexican Talavera Tiles. These tiles are favorites among people who like bold colors, graphics and designs in their homes. The tiles are handmade and handpainted in Mexico so they have all the charm and individuality of a piece of original art work.

 1: Table Top

If you have an old table such as an end table, coffee table or plant stand, Mexican Talavera Tiles would make a beautiful, colorful new top for it. With these tiles you don't even have to sit anything on the tabletop to decorate it as they make a statement on their own.

2: Step Risers

Step risers are becoming more of a designer item in today's homes. Mexican Talavera Tiles on the risers make them colorful and brighten a boring staircase. Paint the treads of the steps a matching color and your home will have a designer look.

3: Planter Boxes

Cover your patio planter boxes with Mexican Talavera Tiles for a bright cheery look. The green of the plants will be highlighted by the bright colors of these tiles. Be sure to waterproof the grout if they are going to be used outdoors. A cactus garden planted in one of these boxes would make a great Southwestern look for your patio.