3 Qualities to Look for in Window Seat Cushions

Window seat cushions are part of a window seat that are build-ins that help to increase seating space in your home. There are at least 3 qualities to consider when looking for window seat cushions for your home’s window seat. This include the quality of materials, the durability of the window seat cushion and the cost of the window seat cushion that you are purchasing.

Although there are other qualities to consider for your window seat cushions, these 3 qualities are important considerations and qualities to keep in mind. A window seat cushion is designed to bring comfort for you and your family when using the seat, whether for casual conversation or when incorporated as part of your dining area.

The Quality of Window Seat Cushion Materials

Window seat cushions can be made of different materials and thicknesses. This is done to accommodate the comfort of the person who sits on the cushion. The type of materials that are used in the window seat cushion should be of high quality that blends well with your home’s décor and is easy to care for.

A quality window seat cushion should be made with a single or double cording, which provides a trim to the cushion. Because window seat cushions are placed where they will be exposed to light, the window seat cushion should be scotch guarded in order to provide some protection from the constant exposure to ultra-violet light.

The Durability of the Window Seat Cushion

Another quality that should be considered in the window seat cushions that you buy or have is the ease in which to wash and keep the cushion clean. Many window seat cushions have a removable slip cover that can be placed in the washing machine occasionally for quick cleaning. The window seat cover should also be treated with a stain guard to resist common spills and other stains that can develop over the time in which the window seat cover is used.

The window seat cushion should be of a thickness and size to accommodate the different widths and girths of the people who will be sitting on it. The window seat cushion should be able to retain its shape and form regardless of who uses the cushion.

The Cost of the Window Seat Cushion

The cost for a good quality and durable window seat cushion depends on the type that you purchase. A window seat cushion that is custom made will cost more than one that is purchased off the shelf. You should expect to pay around $100 or more for a good window seat cushion. The longer the window seat area that you have, the more you will pay. You may also consider building your own window seat cushion. If you have the skill and patience to do this, your costs will include the cost of the batting, fabric and other materials needed to build the cushion.