3 Reasons a Refrigerator Ice Maker Might Give Musty Ice

Ice maker full of ice inside a refrigerator
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If the ice coming out of your refrigerator ice maker smells or tastes a little funny, you can take some steps to identify the source of the problem and fix it. Musty-tasting ice can originate from a number of sources, so consider the following as you try to find the cause of the bad smell.

1. Contaminated from Food

The biggest reason ice from an ice maker might taste odd or unpleasant is that it has come into contact with food odor. If you have strong-smelling foods such as curries or smoked burgers in your freezer, this can easily be transferred through to the ice, and give it a very unpleasant taste.

2. Problems with the Water Filter

filling a glass from an ice maker

Another cause of foul smelling ice may be the water filter. This needs to be changed regularly, so if you have not had the opportunity to change the filter in your ice maker for some time, this can give your ice a musty and unpleasant odor. Solve the problem by changing the filter.

3. Problems with the Water Supply Line

The water supply can also have problems. Water could be flavored with minerals from the local area, or the supply line needs to be flushed to get rid of contaminates. If neither of the above seem to be the source of the problem, talk with neighbors to find out whether their ice tastes bad as well.