3 Reasons for a Lockable Medicine Cabinet

medicine cabinet

If you have little ones in your house, a lockable medicine cabinet is a must. Even if you don't have children, you may still need a locked medicine cabinet and not even realize it. Read this article to understand the scenarios in which a lockable medicine cabinet is necessary.


The most obvious people who need a lockable medicine cabinet are those with children. Even if your medicine cabinet is high on the bathroom wall, do not underestimate a toddler's determination to reach it. If your children are older, or if your medicine cabinet is not raised, you should consider a lock with a key.


If you have pint-sized visitors from time to time, such as nieces, nephews, and grandchildren, you need to keep them from accessing the medicine cabinet.


Some dogs have teeth strong enough to shred medicine bottles, meaning you need to make sure they don't get to the medicine in the first place. For most pets, a sliding or hook lock is sufficient, but if your pet is especially clever, install a key lock.