3 Reasons Not to Install Wood Floors in the Bathroom


You may decide not to install wood floors in a bathroom due to several factors. Wood is an undeniably attractive flooring material, but it requires considerable care and maintenance. That is especially the case in a bathroom, where high moisture levels are found.

High Costs

The whole venture will cost a significant amount of money to install. It will cost even more money in the long run to be able to maintain it as best as possible.

Maintenance and Care

You will need to take care of the wood floor in a specialized manner. You will need to clean it in a dedicated way with suitable products. Applying sealer on a regular basis is important.

The Condition of the Wood

The condition of a wood floor in a bathroom is very likely to deteriorate within a short period of time, especially if the wood is not sealed, laminated, or coated with a waterproof finish. The moisture in the bathroom, together with the spillages that are inevitably caused from the sink, shower and bath, will cause the wood to warp. Moisture will also allow mold and mildew to develop easily, requiring more frequent and specialized cleaning. Shampoos, soaps, and other products used in the bathroom could easily be spilled and stain the wood floor.