3 Reasons to Get a Water Purification System in Your Home

While all water is treated before it makes its way to individual homes, a personal water purification system is a good investment. There are a number of different methods used to purify water in the home, from water filtering to reverse osmosis. Whether a home uses a freestanding refillable water pitcher with a filter or a built-in purifying unit, it is clear that many consumers do not trust they are receiving the cleanest water possible from their taps. Depending on where you live, hard water may predominate. Some regions are known to have more contaminants in their drinking water than others. Moreover, the state of the water pipes in a home may be such that without a filtration or purifying system in place, rust or other particles may get into the drinking water. 

The following 3 reasons for installing a home water purification system are each reason enough to make the purchase. You have many options with water filters and purifiers. Choose the type that will provide your home with the cleanest water after considering water quality in your area as well as internal water pipe issues. 

1. Better Taste

With a home water purification system, tap water simply tastes better. Tap water can taste rusty, hard or otherwise unpleasant. While minerals in water can be a good thing, in extreme quantities you will notice it in the taste of your water. The presence of residual chemicals from the local water purification plant can also add to the unpleasant taste of water. With a purification system in place in the home, water tastes like it should. 

2. Reduces Health Risk

There are numerous health risks associated with microorganisms, chemicals, human waste and even drugs found in drinking water. It was recently reported that as much as 271 million pounds of pharmaceutical drugs were found in drinking water all across the nation. That fact has incredible implications for human health. Saying nothing about how those drugs got there, it goes to show that water purification plants have flaws and that tap water might not be as safe as it should be. By installing a home purification system, the chemicals, drugs and other harmful substances that might get through into your tap water are greatly reduced. 

3. Money Saving

Another reason to install a home water purifying unit is to save money over the long run. While a built-in home water purification system will cost a little money initially to purchase and install, over time it will save you money. For reasons of unpleasant taste and the presence of harmful chemicals, waste and other contaminants in the water supply, many homes are resorting to the purchase of bottled water by the case as an alternative source of water. This adds up over the course of a year. Even the most expensive home water purification systems would be paid for with less than 6 month’s supply of bottled water. Not only that, but some bottled water manufacturers do little more than fill their bottles with tap water, selling ostensibly clean water that is, in fact, no different than what consumers are trying to avoid.  

Whether it is for purposes of better tasting water, re-purifying water that has the potential of containing any number of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, bacteria or other pollutants or to save money otherwise spent on bottled water, home water purification systems make sense. With a home water purification system, your home water’s taste and cleanliness is not in question.