3 Reasons to Install Bathtub Doors

shower with doors in white bathroom

Installing bathtub doors is the best choice you can make when remodeling your bathroom. Compared to shower curtains, sliding bathtub doors excel in all areas. Here are three reasons to install sliding bathtub doors.

Resistant Mold

Mold is a common problem in bathrooms, especially in the bath area. Mold can envelope plastic or vinyl shower curtains, but it does not easily adhere to bathtub doors. If mold is a concern, choose sliding bathtub doors instead of a shower curtain.

Protection Against Water Damage

Water damage leads to expensive repairs every year in homes across America. Bathtub doors are sturdy; they prevent water from escaping the bath area during showers. Shower curtains fail to offer the same level of protection that is offered by sliding bathtub doors.

Open Design

For small bathrooms, sliding bathtub doors are a crucial design element. They allow light to flow creating the illusion of more space. The openness creates a pleasant atmosphere instead of the stifling, claustrophobic sensation that is often left by shower curtains. Sliding bathtub doors bring a host of benefits to any bathroom. Consider installing them as pat of your bathroom remodel.