3 Reasons to Paint or Stain Cedar Shingles

There are many reasons you should paint or stain your cedar shingles, but here are 3 that raise the most concern. Many inquiries tend to lean toward aesthetics, safety as a common concern of homeowners. Lets take a look at some options available to make a more educated choice.

Incorporating into a Color Scheme

Cedar shingles may be difficult to incorporate within a chosen color scheme. When shingles are first installed, they are one color, but once your roof begins its natural weathering, they end up another color entirely. This makes it difficult to choose a color that looks pleasing when your roof is first installed, as well as months down the road.

Care and Maintenance

There are also questions regarding longevity and maintenance differences between painted or stained cedar shingles, compared to that of non-painted shingles. When painting your shingles, use the type of paint or stain according to approved specifications of cedar shingles, and maintain its longevity by reapplication according to the maintenance instructions for your roof. Oil or paraffin treated cedar shingles follow the same needs as the painted or stained variety. Either choice you make can protect your roof for years to come, but only if the method is done properly.

Is Your Cedar Shingle Roof a Fire Hazard?

Concerns of homeowners arise regarding cedar shingles becoming a fire hazard. The answer is, if you keep up an adequate maintenance schedule, fire should not be a concern. Keeping up the with the care of your roof by painting, staining or reapplication of essential oils to prevent it from drying out, is the best way to prevent a fire hazard.