3 Reasons to Replace Wooden Pantry Shelving with Wire Racks

When considering replacing wooden pantry shelving with wire racks, there are a number of reasons to choose wire racks over wooden shelving, including:

1. No Warping

Wooden pantry shelving can warp under the weight of heavy items over time, especially when not properly secured. Wire racks pose no such risk, as the sturdy metal can hold a lot of weight without warping.

2. Easier to Prevent Permanent Stains and Damage

If a canned drink or food item leaks onto wooden pantry shelving, the liquid can permanently damage the shelving. Stains and warping can occur. Drips on wire racks may cause a bit more of a mess at the onset, as the liquid can leak onto lower shelves and/or the floor. However, you can easily wipe away the mess and the liquid won't cause permanent stains or damage to the racks.

3. Easier to Stack

Although wooden pantry shelving can be designed to allow maximum storage space, wire racks are easier to stack, both vertically and horizontally. This means that you'll have more storage space to work with. You'll also be able to use a rack to support each layer of heavy cans. If you stack cans on top of each other on wooden shelving, the weight may cause the shelving to warp.