3 Reasons to Replace Your Toilet Chain

toilet chain and rubber flap
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Your toilet closet includes a toilet chain, which works on a simple mechanism. The water fills the tank and gets shut off when the floating ball turns it off. When the flush button is pressed, a chain lifts a rubber flapper, which is followed by opening a hole in the bottom of the closet that flushes the water in the bowl. The chain is the vital part of the system and also the main reason behind many problems. Below are given the reasons when you need to replace your toilet chain.

1. Incomplete Flushing of Toilet

Incomplete flushing means you have to hold the handle down to empty the bowl all the time during flushing. The reason behind the problem is usually a chain that is too big, which causes the flapper to not be pulled up easily or fall down quickly. Just shorten the chain by moving the hook at the flapper.

2. Constantly Running Toilet

inside a toilet tank

There can be a number of reasons for this problem, but if it is due to the chain, then two major reasons are at fault— either the chain is too short or too long. If the chain is too short, it will not allow the flapper to settle on the seat. In this case, you just need to unhook it and give it some more slack. If the chain is too long, it will hang off the flapper, and during flushing, it goes underneath it and prevents it from properly sealing. In this case, just snip the excess chain.

3. Broken Chain

Toilet lift chains break down due to corrosion. It mostly happens when you are trying to flush the toilet, and suddenly, instead of the normal sound of flushing and usual resistance, you hear a metallic sound of a chain falling from inside the closet (tank). The handle will also feel loose. Replacing the chain is an easy task. Just connect the lift arm with one hook and the flapper with the other and leave enough space so the flapper can drop and seal. Finally, cut off the extra chain.