3 Reasons to Use a Plastic Trellis

Plastic trellis structures are available in many shapes and sizes. Some are used for produce, some for plant vines and some for flowers. They can be used to create any effect you want in your yard. They are light in both weight and appearance and are a wonderful reflection of the elements of nature. These beautiful support structures will do everything that a wood trellis will do except rot.

Easy to Use

The use of lightweight plastic panels will enable you to position your trellis and then rearrange it from one locale to another in your yard with little effort. There are many products available that snap together and expand to any size you want. 


Both delicate and strong, plastic trellis panels can be filled in any style you want with any type of plant, produce or flower you like. Both conventional and abstract designs will add greatly to the beauty of your garden and landscape.


The use of a plastic trellis will save you space in your landscape. This is especially beneficial if you have a small yard. The vertical growth of any produce plants makes them easier to harvest and the climbing ability of any flowering plants makes them easier to see and enjoy.