9 Plants Perfect for Hanging Baskets

A patio with plants and a couple colorful hanging garden baskets.

Hanging garden plants can really add another dimension to your garden while maximizing the use of space. While even the smallest of garden spaces can accommodate hanging plants, there are certain types of plants that fare better than others. From Lantana to Begonias, here are nine recommended hanging plants you should consider adding to your garden this season.

1. Painted Lady

Painted Lady makes an absolutely gorgeous hanging garden plant. Once they are well rooted, these plants are drought-resistant and flower during warmer periods of the year. Because they can tolerate dry spells, you do not have to worry about watering them every week, keeping their maintenance down to a minimum.

2. Lantana

Close up of a Lantana flower

Lantana is simple to grow and requires little moisture to sustain. It's prefect for a hanging pot because of its low water requirements and trailing varieties. With longer blooming times than other plants, this flower will also add a bright color arrangement to your garden and is known to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Lantana should be planted in the spring and prefers a location with plenty of sun. Once they're established, you only need to water this flower once a week to keep its vibrant colors.

3. Nasturtium

If you want a hanging plant that is low-maintenance and grows fast, consider nasturtium. This flower features vibrant reds and yellows and can live in both sunny locations and partial shade. Nasturtium plants do not require extra fertilizer or frequent watering to thrive, making them an ideal selection for hanging gardens.

4. Supertunia Petunias

A hanging basket of purple petunias.

Petunias are one of the most popular hanging garden plants on the market. These flowers bloom quickly and can cover large areas. They also come in a variety of colors, making them a perfect fit for just about any color scheme. Petunias require little maintenance and automatically shed their old blooms.

5. Tomatoes

Hanging garden plants shouldn’t be limited to only flowers. Unlike other garden veggies, tomatoes are great at adapting to new environments and are perfect for hanging pots. Just be sure to select the right type of tomato for your zone and water it frequently during the growing season.

6. Lobelia

Lobelia flowers on a block wall

Lobelia are perfect if you are looking for a late-blooming hanging garden plant. Lobelia feature blues and violet flowers that start blooming around mid-summer until the end of fall. These plants love rich and moist soil, though you only need to water them when it's particularly hot and dry. Fertilize every six weeks to keep the plant in top shape.

7. Begonias

Begonias are great if you need a colorful plant to fill space. Begonias bloom with ease and come in over 10,000 varieties. These voluminous flowers enjoy lots of sun, but prefer shade during the hotter months. The soil should be kept moist throughout the year to avoid fungal growth. You should also bring begonias indoors before the first frost hits.

8. Impatiens

A shelf outside with pink impatiens

Impatiens are typically prone to mildew unless planted in a hanging basket. These annuals feature a colorful array of violets, reds, and yellows, and look absolutely gorgeous suspended off the ground. Impatiens enjoy moderate shade over full sun and should have well-draining soil. They can, however, thrive in sunnier conditions if they are appropriately acclimated.

9. Geraniums

Geraniums feature long stalks that flower from the center. They typically flourish in moderate sun, but require strong light to bloom. These plants thrive in well-draining soil composed of peat, perlite, and dirt. Geraniums should be planted in the spring and watered on a frequent basis. Consider using fertilizer during the hot months and keep an eye out for insects and viruses.