3 Repair Tips for Your Window Film

While installing window film you might come across some problems that can be avoided in application, which will prevent you from having to do repairs. Most damaged window films do not have a lot of hope for a perfect repair. You might be able to minimize the damage, or if the repair is in an inconspicuous place, than you might be able to repair it without the eye being drawn to the damage. Here are two tips that might be helpful to repair or minimize the damage to your widow film.  Tools like squeegees, glass cleaner, a sharp blade and super glue are good things to have on hand for repairs.

Repairing Bubbles In Your Film

Bubbles in your film can be caused by many things and usually do occur while installing window film. The key to making sure you avoid bubble is the have window cleaner and a squeegee handy.  By thoroughly wetting the glass with the window cleaner you will be able to provide a slippery surface for the squeegee to help clear out any bubbles under the surface. If there are still a few bubbles than use the squeegee to work the bubbles to the side. If the bubbles resist and you are using a static window film, then you can remove it and start over. If you are using and adhesive cling than short of removing the whole cling and starting fresh with a new one the only thing you can do is use a sharp blade to let the air out of the bubble. This cut might be visible with many materials and will not form a perfect application.

Crooked Designs

If your film is a static film than luck is with you and you have a chance to repair the crooked design. Peel the design off carefully and apply window cleaner all over the surface. It can be wiped up without trouble so overspray is okay. The window cleaner will allow you to slide the film over the window until the design is in the desired place. Once the design is placed correctly then use the squeegee to work out the bubbles and excess window cleaner.  Use a towel to wipe up any excess window cleaner and check the cling for any bubbles to clear up.


The best way to prevent having to do repair or replacement for your window film is to install it correctly in the first place. You will not have any bubbles, crooked designs , holes or tears when care is taken with installation. Use a soft cloth or a squeegee to apply the design and wet the surface liberally with the glass cleaner every time. Even if you do not think you need it any more than use it to help prevent the need for repair of tears or bubbles.

It is very difficult to repair adhesive film once it is applied. It is actually recommended that the whole piece of film get replaced instead of repaired. If you are unable to replace it you can prevent a small hole from turning into a large hole by closing the edges with glue or other adhesive. If you are installing film for the first time, than installing a static film is recommended to avoid serious repairs or replacement.