3 RV Water Heater Troubleshooting Tips

Owning an RV is a fun way to see the country, but if anything goes wrong with it while you're out, it can be very frustrating. Water heating problems are one of the most frustrating problems because they can cause a mess and make staying in the RV impossible. The water heater is supposed to heat up the cold water which is stored in your tank so that you can wash with it. It works in a very similar way to your home boiler, however most use electricity. If you ever experience problems then there are a number of things that you really need to check.

1. Leaks

The water heater on your RV is made up of tiny pipes which move the water around to where it's needed. If any of these pipes have leaks in them, then you don't get any hot water out of the faucets. Leaks are typically easy to repair with new pipes.

2. Electrical Problems

Most of these water heaters are powered by electricity, make sure that you are plugged into the mains if you pull into a camp site. Also check the condition of your battery and fuses.

3. Frozen

If you haven't used your RV for some time and it's been left in icy conditions, then it would be very easy for the water to freeze. This could cause the pipes to burst and prevent the water heater from working. You must empty the water heater if you are leaving your RV outside unused throughout the winter.