3 Saw Blade Sharpening Tips

Saw blade sharpening can depend very much upon the type of saw that the blade came from. Different types of blade will need different methods of sharpening. For example, if you have a circular saw, then you will need different tools than for a chain saw blade. A circular saw blade sharpening is not very difficult, and following a few tips will help you to achieve this.

1. Secure the Blade

After you have removed the blade from the saw, you will need to place it into a vise, or hold it with a clamp, in order to secure it. Make sure that the vise is holding the blade tightly enough that it cannot move around while you are performing the saw blade sharpening, but not so tight that it is completely inflexible. Over-tightening the vise can break the blade.

2. Mark the Blade

It is a good idea to place a small mark at the point where you want to start your saw blade sharpening. This will ensure that you know when you have gone completely around the blade, and prevent you from over-sharpening parts of the saw blade.

3. Turn the Blade Over

When you have gone around the blade once, you should then turn over the blade, and sharpen only every other tooth. This will ensure that the blade is completely sharp.