3 Signs Door Frame Replacement is Necessary

While it may not be necessary each time you change a door, door frame replacement is sometimes a necessity . If you are trying to decide whether you should replace a door frame, here are some things you should be aware of:

The Door Binds
If your door catches or binds on the frame, it is possible that you need a door frame replacement. However, you should try these repairs first:

First, try shimming the top hinge if the binding is near the bottom of the door or shimming the bottom hinge if the binding is near the top.

Second, sometimes binding is caused by a buildup of paint, which can be fixed by sanding the paint down.

However, if these repairs do not work, you’ll likely need to replace the door frame.

Age, Corrosion, or Style
If the exterior of the door frame is dated, damaged or unattractive, then replacing the door frame is a good idea.

You will be able to update the look of the home and remove damaged pieces at the same time, and perhaps even help with any squaring or corrosion problems .

You’re Replacing the Door
Although you may be replacing the door with the same size and style, it is a good idea to replace a door frame if you replace the main door.

The old frame has likely shifted during its use, and it is best to start fresh with a new door and frame at the same time.