3 Simple Decor Projects for Beginners

A white roman shade on a window.

Decorating your home may feel like a huge responsibility. With so much space and an abundance of options to make it your own, it can even be intimidating. However, you don’t need to make a grand gesture for your home to look great. Instead, you can invest yourself in some of these simple decor projects, easy for those of any skill level to take on!

1. Design a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall of photos in a frame.

Gallery walls are an easy and fun home project that go a long way when it comes to decorating a space. You’ll love the vibe this creates within your home, especially if you have a sizable vacant wall. Think of a gallery wall as a collage of frames, photos, art, and 3D objects on a wall. This wall can fit your individual style, incorporating a range of textures, colors, and styles. Stick to a single color pallet or get eclectic with your favorite colors. Mix black and white photos with full-color pictures and vintage art with modern pieces.

Unless you enjoy flying by the seat of your pants, it takes a bit of prep to strategically design your gallery wall. First, trace each frame onto some paper and cut out the shapes, labeling them so you remember which shape is which object. Tape the individual pieces of paper to the wall where you want the pictures to be hung, rearranging them until you get a layout you like. Then, remove the paper and hang the frames one by one until your gallery wall is complete!

2. Create Roman Blinds

Even if you don’t know how to sew, you can create your own beautiful Roman blinds. These are perfect for spaces such as a kitchen, porch, or foyer. The project requires only a few simple materials: fabric, measuring tape, scissors, fabric glue, and mini blinds.

Get started on the project by first picking a fun fabric that matches your tastes and the aesthetic you're going for. Once that's done, cut your fabric two inches longer than your blinds in both the width and length. This ensures that you can fold the edges over. Next, use fabric glue to create hems around the edges. Now, open the blinds fully, cutting the ladder part that holds the blinds in place, being careful not to cut the cord that runs through each slat. Pop the button on the bottom of the blinds that holds the cord that runs through the rows, pulling out the cord.

Next, remove slats and the cut-up ladder pieces so that the top bar and the thick cord are all that remain. Lay the fabric down so that the back of it's exposed. The skeleton of the blind should be laid on top of the fabric. Use your tape measure to decipher where the folds will be once the blinds are hung. Use the fabric glue to adhere the slats to the fabric with the curved side facing downward. However, don’t glue the cord to the fabric as it should still be able to move. Finally, take the end of the cord and loop it back through the bottom hole. Tie a knot and pop the button back in so that it functions as intended. Hang your shades and enjoy the new look!

3. Style a Bar Cart

A collection of liquor bottles.

In any kitchen, living room, or dining area, a bar cart is bound to make a statement. These are fun to style with different items, depending on your taste and desired aesthetic. While these are frequently thought to be strictly alcoholic, they don’t have to be. If it’s more suiting, stack your cart with items that support a coffee or tea bar. First, choose your bar cart from a furniture store or even from a thrift shop. Once you have that, start by choosing the location that it’ll be stationed in. Then, add in cups, whether it be wine glasses, beer cups, or mugs. Add in the drinks of your choice—wine bottles, decanters of liquor, or canisters filled with coffee beans and tea leaves.

Next, you’ll want to accessorize. For a bar cart that focuses on drinks of the alcoholic variety, some fun accessories include a cup of colorful straws, colorful coasters, and a bowl of artfully placed lemon and limes. For a coffee or tea themed cart, a French press, Keurig machine, jar of sugar, and elegant teapot all fit the bill. For any style of bar cart, plants, succulents, or an arrangement of flowers make for a next-level aesthetic. No matter how you decide to style your cart, it’s sure to be a statement piece within a room that's easy to set up and maintain.

These decor projects may make a large difference within your home, but that doesn’t mean that they’re strenuous or difficult to complete. They can all be successfully executed in an evening or weekend, giving your home a quick update with a sense of accomplishment on the side!