3 Spring Decorations for Your Mailbox

Decorating a mailbox can make your plain mailbox reflect your individual style. It's also an excellent family activity that children will enjoy. Consider updating your decorations each season.

Magnetic Decorations

Magnetic mailbox covers are great for creating spring decorations. Purchase a magnetic cover at a craft store or home improvement center and cut to fit your mailbox. Now you have a canvas that you can use for all kinds of creative magnetic decorations like flowers, plants, butterflies and other spring images.

The wonderful thing about this decorating method is that you can change the decorations as the seasons or holidays change throughout the year.


Another great method of decorating a mailbox for spring is to paint it. Use acrylic paint, brushes and sponges to paint beautiful flowers, children in colorful rain gear and butterflies or ladybugs.

Acrylic is an excellent paint that will withstand the wear of outdoor use. You can easily change it every season by repainting and starting over again.


Mailwraps are also a creative and fun choice for spring decorations on a mailbox. These are all-weather vinyl decorating wraps that can be purchased in a wide variety of styles and colors. They easily attach to the mailbox with magnetic strips or with an adapter for plastic mailboxes.