3 Steps to Removing Wood Fillers

What You'll Need
Mineral spirits

Wood fillers are paste or grain products which are intended to fill in pores and even out wood grain in order to give a wooden product a smooth finish. It is often used on woods like oak and walnut where it is not possible to use layers of wood finish. During woodworking projects, it is sometimes desirable to remove old wood fillers in order to refinish a project.

Removing the Wood Filler

Wood filler often leaves a layer of lacquer during its drying process, which has to be removed before you can proceed to the filler itself.

Step 1 - Preparation

Before you begin removing the wood filler, apply a little mineral spirits to the spot you wish to clean. Leave this for a minute or two, and then take an old piece of sandpaper, and begin to work the filler loose.

Step 2 - Clearing Out the Lacquer

If you find that the lacquer removal is still problematic, you can put a little bit of nail varnish remover on to a piece of cotton wool, and rub the filler down with this.

Step 3 - Getting Completely Rid of the Filler

If you are cleaning excess filler away while it is still wet, you could just wipe the unwanted filler off using a small amount of mineral spirits. Sand lightly until the wood is smooth.