3 Storage Mudroom Ideas You'll Love

If your home features a mudroom in which your family members can store their coats, shoes and boots, you may want to consider a few new mudroom plans for storage. Below are some helpful suggestions to make your home's mudroom a more efficient place for storage.

1. Shoe Benches

One of the best mudroom plans for storage is a resilient shoe bench. In addition to providing your family members with a place to sit while they put on their boots and shoes, these benches open up to reveal convenient footwear storage areas. In addition, a shoe bench provides your children with a great place to wait for the school bus during periods of heavy rainfall or other harsh weather conditions.

2. Personalized Cubbies

If your household has a fair number of children, personalized cubbies are among the best mudroom plans for storage. These handy storage units ensure that each of your children has a designated place in which to store their respective outdoor clothing and footwear. What's more, kids are already very familiar with the concept, as many elementary schools have students store their coats and backpacks in similar storage units.

3. Shoe Shelves

If you're tired of muddy shoes and boots being strewn about your mudroom, consider adding a shoe shelf. These handy shelves are affordable on virtually any budget and provide your family members with an easily accessible place to store footwear.