3 Styles of Bullnose Tiles

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Bullnose tiles are popular for various applications. They are designed to help give you a finished edge when you are not installing tiles on the floor. Bullnose comes in many different styles and options to fit your needs. Here are some of the different styles that you can get bullnose tile in.

1. Rectangular Bullnose

One of the most common types of bullnose tile comes in a rectangular shape. This provides you with a nice way to outline the field tile with as few pieces as possible. These types of bullnose will often be longer than the actual tile itself, often made in a size close to 3x13 inches. Most times, the bullnose edge, or the edge that is rounded off, will be the longest dimension of the bullnose. In the previous example, the 13-inch dimension would be the bullnose edge.

While this style of rectangular bullnose is the most common, you can also get it in the other direction. The narrow end of the tile can be the bullnose piece. In our previous example, the 3-inch edge would be the one with the bullnose on it. You can get rectangular bullnose for many different types of tile, as it is the most commonly used style of the bullnose. It should be made in the same batch as the field tile and be the same color. Therefore, it will help provide you with a professional option for finishing the side of a tile installation.

2. Square Bullnose

Another common type of bullnose is a square bullnose. With this type of bullnose, you commonly see it when working with smaller tiles. It is very common in 6x6 inch or 4x4 inch tiles. The square bullnose piece will often be the same exact size as the field tile. This provides you with a unique look, as it appears like the last piece of the tile has a rounded edge on it. This will typically look best when you are using it with a tile that looks the same. If you are working with larger tiles, rectangular bullnose typically looks the best.

3. Corner Bullnose

Corner bullnose is another very common type of bullnose that can be used in a number of applications. This type of bullnose is very commonly used when installing a backsplash area or any type of wall tile. A corner bullnose is a piece of tile that has two rounded edges instead of just the standard one edge like with common bullnose. This is used where you will have a piece of tile that is not touched by a wall on either side. You need to have two finished edges with the tile, and the corner bullnose can provide it. This type of bullnose is also very common when working with smaller-sized tiles.