3 Symptoms of Bad Front Wheel Bearings

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Keeping a vehicle safe means having safe front wheel bearings. It is never a good idea to operate your vehicle if the wheel bearings are having problems. Here are some tips on how to spot this problem:

1. Unexplained Noises

If your front wheels are making a grinding noise this is a sure indication of bad wheel bearings. This will be a metal grinding or scraping noise. The front wheels will also tend to moan or squeak when the bearings are bad. Once you hear any of these sounds it is a good idea to get this problem checked out.

2. How the Vehicle Flows

While driving the car you will notice that the bad sounds will increase with speed. When you are making turns you will notice that the front wheels will make a squeaking noise. Remember that the faster that the vehicle moves the noise will increase.

3. Loose Front Suspension

Control arm brushing looseness and tie-rod end looseness are also symptoms of bad front wheel bearings. Bad front wheel bearings can have a negative impact on the tires. Sometimes people can not hear the grinding noises due to highway noises. The problem will get worse if you don't check it out.