3 Symptoms of Front Wheel Alignment Problems

closeup of a tire

If you suspect your vehicle may be having front wheel alignment problems, you should familiarize yourself with the symptoms to look for. Below is a list of signs that are indicative of front wheel alignment issues.

1 - Uneven Wear on Your Tires

As your tires wear down, you should notice roughly the same amount of wear and tear on both sides. However, if one side appears noticeably more worn than the other on any one of your vehicle's tires, this may very well be the result of improperly aligned front wheels. To catch this problem as soon as possible, make a point of giving your tires frequent checks.

2 - Steering Problems

Steering problems are another common symptom of improper front wheel alignment. If you notice that your steering wheel tends to tilt to the right or left when you're making your way down a straight patch of road, it's generally safe to assume that you're dealing with wheel alignment problems.

3 - Improperly Lined-Up Wheels

Another easy way to tell if your vehicle's front wheels are improperly aligned is give your wheels a quick alignment check after parking your car. If you notice that the wheels are not perfectly lined up with one another, you may want to visit an automotive repair shop to confirm whether or not this is the result of an alignment problem.