3 Tips for a Zen Flower Garden

If you are searching for a creative and appealing alternative to a standard flower bed, consider installing a zen garden in your home.  Zen gardens may be yard-sized or the size of a dinner plate and anything in between.  Whether your zen flower garden is the prominent feature of your property or a simple and peaceful addition to a room or table, keep the following tips in mind.

Choose an Appropriate Foundation

Your zen garden depends upon the sand or gravel that makes up its base. One of the most beautiful features of a zen garden is its malleability, and an appropriate foundation material will help to make this process easier.

Do Not Overcrowd

A zen flower garden is a calm and relaxing place that is free of clutter. Do not disturb this aesthetic by including too many features. A few small plants or rocks are appropriate, as is a bamboo fountain. However, a zen flower garden is easy to overcrowd.

Maintain Your Garden Carefully

Ensure that your garden does not become dirty over time.  Purchase an appropriate rake to keep the garden groomed and free of debris.

Look to a home improvement store or a home furnishings store for zen garden supplies.